New York Giants

NYG Ratpack

New York Giants Vs. San Diego Chargers

11/8/09 - L 20-21

San Diego Chargers


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Finding New More Bitter Ways To Lose
  Just Because It's Morning,
Doesn't Mean You Can't Drink...   My Grill,
My Beer,
My Sunday.   Hey You're Cleaning All The Flavor Off That Grill
  Just A Day In The Park (ing Lot)   I Can Tell Which One Is Larry,
But Which One Is Moe, And Which Is Curly?

  We Love Sundays
  A Little Pregame Confidence

  We Got This One...
Well, Maybe Not...
  Holding On...
Just Like The Giants.

  We Can Be Seen And Heard For Rows

  Nice Mug

  These Guys Know Where The Party Is
  We're Ready To Play   Cheers
  The Day Just Isn't Complete
Without The Anthem...   Ratpack Approved

  Is That A Chicken Sandwich
Or A Salad?
Click Here For Game Highlights
  Don't Worry I'll Protect You.

  Nice Mug

  Beware Of YouTube Videos
Shot From Camera Phones

  How About A Little Air Guitar?
  Hey, They're Passin' Out Booze
In The Parking Lot!   Smiles???
This Must Be Before The Game.
  I Wonder What They're Looking At

  Everyone Want's To Meet The Giant Dude
  If You Like My Moves Out Here,
Wait Till You See Me Inside.

  What Do You Think,
Flags Just Grow Out Of Your Head?   Still Cleaning That Same Grill
  Shrimp...   Take My Word For It,
The Tailgate Is Going To Be Much Better
Than The Game   Jack's Just Nuts...
It Could Get Late, Early...
Giant Stadium Information...
GIANTS Stadium Info