New York Giants

NYG Ratpack

New York Giants Vs. Washington Redskins

9/13/09 - W 23-17

Washongton Redskins


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Welcome Back Pack
  Who, Me?   I Know You Want Some KAHLÚA   Jack Is Back
  G-Men #1   Next Time I'll Need To
Get Here On Time
  Who Brought Those
Redskins Chairs Here?   Looks Like A Stand Off

  We're Ready For Some Football
  Easy Does It...

  Somebody Better Be Watching The Barbeque
  Comin' At Ya!

  Who's Idea Was It
To Come Down This Row?

  This Is The Place To Be...
Whatever It's Called Now...
  Flags 'R' Us
Click Here For Game Highlights
  Go Blue!!!

  Oh The Colors...
  Come On Dad,
Get This Thing Going.

  Football & Steak,
Perfect Together.
  Good Things
Are Going To Happen Today

  We Could Coach This Team
From The Parking Lot

  Waiting to Toss Some Washers
  The Team Is Good,
But We're Here For the Tunes
  Badfellas   These Boxes Are Getting Smaller...
  Time To Throw The Ball   Of Course,
I'll Have Another Drink.   We Forgive You Nancy
And We Still Don't Know Where We Park
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